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Letter from Editor - Self Love and Health Boundaries

Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 6 - February 2024

Welcome to February 2024 Edition 6 of Connect and Grow Magazine.


A huge thank you to everyone supporting us with Connect and Grow Magazine.


This month's feature article is on Coaching and the benefits that coaching can bring into your life.

Book corner: I have shared one of my books, which I wrote and published with the support of Inspirational book writers. Embodied Queen is about embracing who you are and allowing yourself to heal from anything holding you back. Everyone deserves to be happy and live a life that brings them happiness and their version of success.


 Love is in the air!

This month, we encourage you to stop and reflect on your personal and professional life.

Healthy boundaries are essential as part of self-love. Do you have healthy boundaries, and what they look like for you and your life?

It can be challenging to say no to people and then have them reject you; having said that, if people do that, are they the right people for your life?

Natalia, Viviene and Kathy have written incredible articles on the importance of self-love, self-care and healthy boundaries to help you.

When you have clarity with your boundaries, it is like the puzzle pieces come together. We have times when change is required in our lives, and it can take time for everything to fit together and feel comfortable and safe.

Self-love is an important part of your personal and business success. It is something that we all know; however not something that we always make a priority.


I recently had some time away with family, and right before we left, I realized how exhausted I was until the week before the trip. I was away for two weeks, and even during what was supposed to be a holiday, I spent time working. As time went by, I realised that if I permit people to contact me 24/7, then they will; I also realised that there is NOTHING in my business that is urgent, that timing is important, however, so is taking a holiday and some time to sit by a pool or go to the beach or a lazy morning doing nothing is just as important.


What boundaries do you have in place?

What are you allowing in your life that could be changed with one or two small changes, such as setting an out of office on your email at the end of your working day or holidays?

How important is your health, fitness and well-being to you?

These are great questions that are important to answer and implement the responses.


As you can see our magazine has grown since we started in September 2023 and we are loving the opportunity to bring you even more opportunities to connect with us and our Business – Break Free Consultancy, we also bring you even more business events this year also, so you can connect with other people.


In our event section, you can read about some upcoming events. If you have an event, reach out to discuss having it listed in our magazine.

Many changes are coming in the NDIS space, and they will impact over 600,000 people with NDIS plans and over 200,000 businesses that provide a service to those with a plan. These changes have started, and we are still waiting for further announcements.

Our neurodiversity section has even more information about what we offer, along with information that may help you or someone you know who neurodiversity is.


Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery: our regular tips and strategies for your success in weight management and for those who have had or are considering having bariatric surgery.

We are launching the Connect and Grow Radio show and look forward to you following us. We will have 4 live shows weekly, also available as recordings later. Please take a look at our podcast article for more details.


This magazine welcomes businesses to feature articles or advertise each month, also advertising on our website under the business listing page.


If you would like to advertise with us, be part of the magazine, reach out via email:



Thank you for reading and sharing our eMagazine and the online articles; we love bringing this magazine to you.

(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy

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