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Letter from Editor: June - July 2024

Connect and Grow Magazine- Editon 10 June- July 2024

Welcome to Connect and Grow magazine, Edition 10


Wow, where has the time gone? Here we are at edition 10.


I am excited to share that we have a new writer this month; we welcome Julie Mundy and the start of Parent’s Corner.


Julie has joined us to share strategies and tips about parenting. Her writing style is fun and brings light to the journey of parenthood.


This month’s feature article is Rest and Rejuvenation, with winter in full spring here in Australia and Summer and full spring in other parts of the world, it’s a perfect time to stop, rest and allow your body to rejuvenate.

 Change is in the air, and over the coming months, we are changing a few more things with Break Free Consultancy and Connect and Grow Magazine.

My dream for the magazine has always been to bring as much value as possible to others and to bring people together; it looks like we are slowly doing this, with more and more people reading the magazine. Thank you so much to each of you who purchase our magazine each month; I appreciate YOU!


June- July is focused on self-care and taking care of others. These are the unpaid caregivers to those who need it, those who put others ahead of themselves every day. I encourage you to stop and think of someone you could acknowledge for the incredible work they do.


Well-being is a huge part of the focus in many of the articles this month.


It's important to define Wellness or Well-being for yourself. In Australia, businesses are required to implement wellness as part of their responsibilities to their staff. However, many people do not really know what it means to them; it is often a bit of a vague idea.


I encourage you to know what well-being means to you and then to check in to see if you are taking care of yourself in all aspects of your life.

 Recently, I spent a week writing a book as part of an online book writing intensive; we had regular check-ins, coaching sessions, and support from others in the container.  


During that time, one of the reminders from those running it was self-care and remembering to take time out from everything. I followed this and wrote 4 books, two of which will be released in late June or early July. One of the things I did to help me take care of myself was to treat myself to a massage; the other was to take a nap when required. Taking a nap can make a huge difference in how you feel your energy levels and mental concentration, and it doesn’t impact your sleep patterns when done properly.


When did you last take time for yourself and have a massage?

Total relaxation!


What you can expect in the magazine this month is:


·         Kathy, Natalia, and Viviene have written some strategies, tips, and information on Nutrition, Mindfulness, well-being, and fitness.


·         Mark has another great article covering Mental health and arthritis.


·         Julie is our newest addition to the team and is writing articles for Parents Corner, a new section we have added.


·         The NDIS seems to be changing with a huge backlog and wait time for reviews, so we have an extra article there. We have touched on the report from the senate committee regarding the proposed new legislation.


·         In Book Corner, I am sharing how you can write a book in a week and share some new books that will be released over the coming weeks.


·         I have written articles on Weight Management, Business to Business, Neurodiversity and Inclusiveness, and Community and even created another word find.


·         . We have included in Uniquely Me Peter's story and experience with NDIS and how they have felt that it is a system that is not easy to navigate.


·         Events: We share an event coming up in October and about our recent Expo in Doncaster. It was a great day.


 Thank you to you.


If you know me, you know I always appreciate the support and those I work closely with.


I want to acknowledge each of you for all your support.

Subscribing to our magazine has expanded our offer; when you subscribe, you can read the articles online and download the e-magazine. We also include bonus content in the form of a video or audio.


Connect and Grow Magazine Subscription


If you would like to advertise with us, be part of the magazine, reach out via email:


Thank you for supporting us and the magazine.

If you would like to advertise with us, be part of the magazine, reach out via email:


Thank you for supporting us and the magazine.

Get your copy of the full magazine here:

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