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Inclusiveness - We are all perfect!

Connect and Grow Magazine November 2023 - Edition 3

Some disabilities are not visible...

This month, we are covering what is often referred to as invisible disabilities.

Many people are judged for being different, for maybe having a support worker or not working, all because their “disability” is not visible, at least not until you get to know them.

Last month, we covered neurodiversity, which is often an invisible disability, and many people still do not accept that Autism or ADHD can create issues for a person.

There is also hearing impairment, not complete deafness, that many people do not understand.

Remove the judgements .....

Mental health diagnoses are often given a bad name, and the person is judged harshly because, on the surface, they seem to be “normal.” When we stop and put the judgments away and get to know the individual person, we can see that someone has life may not always be as it appears.

When you first meet someone, and you find out, they have a medical condition or diagnosis of something that you cannot see, be patient and understanding.

Get to know that person and who they are as an individual, not the diagnosis.

Ask them how they prefer to communicate and what they require. 

We are all unique; we may all process information the same way. However, we all deserve respect and dignity. 

Whether a person’s disability is seen or not does not mean we cannot be treated as the beautiful and amazing people we are. sure, you may have to make minor allowances. However, that is being inclusive.

Written by Jacqui Grant

(C) 2023 Connect and Grow Magazine November 2023 - Edition 3


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