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Inclusiveness - Understanding Neurodiversity

Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 4 - December 2023

"Everyone deserves to feel and be understood, no matter who they are!"

Last month, I shared about invisible disabilities; this month, we are continuing with that theme with a focus more on neurodiversity.

Do you know anyone who has neurodivergent traits? I have had many people tell me that everyone has some neurodivergent traits, and yet that is not the same as living life as an autistic person or a person who has a dual diagnosis of autism and ADHD.

For those who are autistic and or both autism and ADHD, life is experienced very differently from those who are not. While it could be true to say everyone is on the spectrum somewhere it is vital to acknowledge that having 2% of the neurodivergent traits is extremely different to being 90% of high neurodivergent.

In autism and ADHD, the way information is processed is very different to those who do not have that diagnosis. There are many aspects of autism and ADHD that are incredible gifts, such as hyperfocus, which allows for a task or job to be completed. Being direct and upfront, where you know exactly where you stand.

The challenging aspect is not picking up on social cues, and part of that is when in a group setting of mainly neurotypical people and a joke is shared, often the neurodivergent person is left wondering what was funny. In part, this is due to hearing and processing information literally, and the other part is where people will politely laugh at a joke and the neurodivergent won't.

With more and more people being diagnosed with autism or ADHD or both, it is important that we find a way for everyone to feel included and accepted, no matter how different we may be.

What ways can you identify to be inclusive and encourage others to do the same, how flexible are you in your way of communicating and interacting with others?

If you would like to learn more about Autism and ADHD my book Empowering me is available here: Empowering me

Written by Jacqui Grant

(C) 2023 Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 4 -December 2023

(C) 2023 Break Free Consultancy

Disclaimer: All information in this article is accurate at the time of publication. It is for general use only and it does not replace any information for your specific situation that you may have been provided by a health professional.


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