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Inclusiveness and Community

Connect and Grow Magazine - September 2023 - Edition 1

We cover strategies and tools and the benefits of creating inclusiveness and community for everyone.

When it comes to creating inclusiveness in both society and the workplace the first place to start is to get to know the person and who they are as a person, what they require and how they work to be the best they can be.

For many people who have a diagnosis that is considered a disability or to be different, there is often a sense of isolation, and it can take time to find the right community where they feel accepted and can be true to themselves.

Workplace inclusiveness can also be a challenge for many people, especially when the workplace has set guidelines and expectations of staff that do not consider how the environment, the expectations impact those who are neurodiverse or have other diagnoses and traits that do require some flexibility, it is often easier to cater for people who have a physical disability than it is for those who’s disability are not easy to see and in some cases are not understood by others.

Neurodiversity is one of the diagnoses that is often misunderstood especially for those who are choosing to work, keen to work and do require there be some adaptations in the workplace so that they can bring the best to the job.

There are many strengths that a person can bring to a job, however at times some workplaces are not open to being flexible.

Understanding what a person requires to be included and welcomed in the community and the workplace is important and it is much easier than many people believe. It takes having open conversations and an open mind. Sure, some people may feel uncomfortable with certain traits, however, that is part of life.

Demonstrating respect is also important. Each person is unique, each person has traits that are not for everyone and that is more than okay.

Inclusiveness and Community can be established with patience, understanding and a willingness to work together.

As Connect and Grow Magazine grow, we will share the stories of others who have found ways to be included in the community and the workplace.


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