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Fitness - Strategies to enjoy exercise

Connect and Grow Magazine - November 2023 Edition 3

As we discussed last month, exercise is an important part of health and well-being, and we discussed the importance of having the right exercise program for you. This month we are focusing on the environment where exercise.

Outdoor exercise.

When you exercise outside you can breath in the fresh air, feel the sun and wind ( when they are present on your face), you can choose where you go, such as the beach, a bush walk, around your neighbourhood, you may even meet other people who are out exercising at the same time. A smile or a nod to greet the other person as you both pass each other can be a lift to you.

You can stop and appreciate nature or what is around you, and it can be a great serotonin release.

Having a variety of places you go walking or running can help you stay interested and committed and can also be a lot of fun as you discover some new places to exercise.

Indoor exercise.

When exercise indoors including a gym it can be a great way to minimise excuses for NOT exercising. Often when we exercise outside it can be impacted by the weather, which is a valid point however it is important to be consistent with your exercise program, so completing exercise inside can help to be consistent. Some of the exercises people do inside is yoga, Pilates, gym workout, and dancing. Each can be completed on your own or in a group or with a partner.

Sole or Group workout.

Both have benefits and sometimes it is important to incorporate both for yourself. Working out on your own can give you the space to focus on your thoughts and pace yourself; you get to stop when you need to, and then you can change your mind at any time when you exercise.

Group exercise or even with one other person can be perfect also. It gives you conversation and even a bit of competition.

Wherever you choose to exercise and with whom, make it fun and keep at it.

Always remember to seek medical advice prior to any exercise program and follow the advice of professionals.

Written by Jacqui Grant

(C) 2023 Connect and Grow Magazine November 2023 Edition 3

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