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Connect and Grown Magazine - Edition 2 October 2023

Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

Every action involving moving your body takes you one step closer to your goal!

When it comes to your fitness, everyone can always do something, no matter what your physical capabilities are.

As a personal trainer, I have worked with people in a wheelchair on their upper body strength and keeping their core muscles as strong as possible within their capabilities.

I have also worked with those who are deaf and blind; we have always found a way to do something that is helping them with their physical health and wellbeing.

Working out together can be so much fun!

How to identify the right exercise program for you:

  • Think about the type of activities that you enjoy.

  • Remember that exercise is something that requires you to do every day.

  • If your job is active, you may need a different type of exercise to what you are doing, for example, walking every day for your job, which your body is used to. Therefore, you may require a different type of exercise, such as swimming, pilates, yoga or bike riding, to increase your fitness level.

  • Gardening is a form of informal exercise. It is suitable for your core muscles.

Still not sure where to start? You can book an appointment with a personal trainer or exercise physiology.

Remember that prevention is better than the cure, and the stronger your body is, the more you can do for yourself, where possible, for as long as possible.

Always seek medical advice before you start any exercise program.

Written by Jacqui Grant

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