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Feature Article - Supportive & Hollistic Care

Connect and Grow Magazine November 2023 Edition 3

Meet Mel and Zakaria from Supportive and Hollistic Care 

This month we are featuring an NDIS service provider, Supportive and Hollistic Care, an NDIS Registered service provider; their motto is " Let's walk the journey of life together!"

 I asked Mel: Why the motto? (Let's walk the journey of life together). 

Her response was: "This motto came to me in the thought process regarding what I want SHC to be about. For me, we all have our own journey to walk; it looks different for each of us, and in doing so, let's walk that journey side by side in unity of goals and direction. Supporting a person with this intention allows there to be equality between the Participant and the supports, with the desired outcome being that the Participant will meet their goals with confidence and achievement!"

Small, Steadfast and Motivated…

The Supportive and Hollistic Care team is a small company led by passion and steadfast in the motivation behind our existence. There is an acknowledgement that we have made mistakes along the way but remain passionate about using every experience as an opportunity to grow and develop in a positive way internally and with our Participants and community. 

NDIS Registered Provider

Supportive and Hollistic Care is an NDIS-registered business operating in West Melbourne and surrounding areas that provides services to people with an NDIS plan. The services they provide are:

  • Assistance with daily living

  • Social and Community Access

  • Nursing

  • Support Coordination.

  • Group activities

  • Home and Living - SIL, ILO coming soon

Mel takes time to meet with the person who has an NDIS plan (Participant) and, where required, their informal support  family, and friends) or advocate to listen to their requests for support and services, ensuring that they feel heard and understood for their support and who they are as a person, their interests and hobbies. Mel and her team can provide services in a way that is important to the person.

“Bridge the Gap between society’s limitations and society’s norms for the person with a disability!"

Empowering, Encouraging, Bridging the Gap

When asked what do you love about the work you do? Mel's response: "Being able to bridge the gap between society's limitations and society's norms for the person with a disability by walking with them to navigate their life positively, supporting and encouraging them to keep doing what they can, while helping and assisting to what they need assistance with."

Supportive and Hollistic Care is a service provider about breaking down the barriers between cultural groups and even religious groups that are still present today. Creating a feeling of home at home with the services provided, so the individual can be who they are, knowing they are accepted by the team, without judgement. This is extremely important to Mel, who ensures that she only employs staff with the same approach.

Now that we know about Supportive and Hollistic Care and their motto, let's learn a bit more about Mel herself.

Mel shared this with me about herself and how she became the founder and owner of an NDIS registered provider.

"I am an individual who has met many challenges personally and understands what it is like to come up against various barriers, having to draw on her inner strength to push past the obstacles and challenges. Out of these experiences, a deep desire has been birthed to empower people not just living with disabilities but all walks of life to work towards living their best life however that may look for them. I have worked for nearly 23 years in health, community services, training and management, with vast knowledge and experience in the industry, particularly NDIS-related knowledge.

As we know, running a business has its challenges, especially for those with an NDIS plan; navigating NDIS can be challenging for everyone, including companies and participants. 

When I asked Mel to share anything that she has learned since she started Supportive and Hollistic Care today, she shared with me a couple of things:

  • Have solid HR advice when employing staff. Obtain that advice and guidance from an HR company that is up to date with all aspects of hiring staff to work in the disability sector.

  • Always do extensive background and reference checks with staff before hiring them, taking time to complete these.

  • Create a supportive environment for staff, a strong team with positive communication and team-building activities

  • Be clear on who your ideal Participant is and stay within your scope of practice; by doing this, your services stand out, and you can attract your perfect client.

  • Trust yourself as a business owner, always focusing on being the best you can be and staying up to date with sector changes to be the best for staff and participants.

Supportive and Hollistic Care is ready to work with you and your family member and provide ongoing support. They understand what it is like to have a disability and, at times, limitations in the ability, how this impacts every aspect of your life and how it is essential to have the right support services at the right time without judgement, and who are encouraging and positive in the way they work WITH you, walking with you.

Area of Service: West Melbourne Victoria and surrounding suburbs.

Contact: 1300 305 680

Website address: Supportive and Hollistic Care

Facebook : Supportive and Hollistic Care 

Written by Jacqui Grant

Photos by Melanie Jolly

(C) Connect and Grow Magazine November 2023 Edition 3

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