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Connect and Grow Podcast

Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 3 - November 2023

A podcast is a great way to listen and learn as you go about your day. Connect and Grow podcast covers many different topics from Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, NDIS, ASD, ADHD, Weight Management and running a business in disability.

We keep the topics broad as we believe in building community.

We also have guests on the show and are planning out the new year guest list.

You can check out Connect and Grow Podcast on Spotify and subscribe:

Connect and Grow Podcast.

We are also starting weekly lives very soon... Where you can tune in each week at lunchtime and listen to the topic of the week, all completely FREE. The lives will then be uploaded to our podcast to listen to later.

(C) 2023 Break Free Consultancy Connect and Grow Magazine Edition 3 - November 2023


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