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Community - Supporting each other

Connect and Grow Magazine: May - June 2024 Edition 9

This month, we are embracing the different cultures of the people who live in our community. Multiculturalism offers us opportunities to learn a different way of doing things.

Every community is different and brings with it different cultures.

A great way to learn something new is by being open to the diverse perspectives and experiences within our community!

No matter where you live now, there is a strong chance that your neighbours are from a different culture.

How do you feel living next door to someone from a different culture and potentially having different beliefs?

If you're open to it, embracing diversity in your community can be a profound personal growth experience. It's not just about understanding others but also about learning more about yourself and your beliefs.

In my street, there are people from four different cultural backgrounds. Many were born in Australia, but they are from a family that is originally from a different country. I have always seen this as an opportunity to learn and grow, although I have trouble with some accents due to my neurodivergent traits.

Community and multiculturalism are vital for fostering a sense of belonging, understanding, and respect among individuals from diverse backgrounds; it really comes down to you, the individual and how open you are to embracing people who do things differently from you.


Embracing diversity within a community leads to a rich tapestry of perspectives, traditions, and experiences that can enhance social cohesion and collaboration. Multiculturalism promotes tolerance, empathy, and celebration of different cultures, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and vibrant society.


Cultural beliefs, encompassing a wide range of practices and customs, are the fabric of our diverse society.


They shape our identity, values, and behaviours, and understanding them is key to fostering empathy and respect. It's a journey that starts with an open mind and a willingness to learn and understand.

While we do not always have to agree with what others do and how they live, when we have an open mind and accept without judgement, it is possible to build some excellent community support and friendships, especially in the area where you live. You have a choice to follow what is right for you, as do others.


What is it that you appreciate about the different cultural experiences that you have had?


Is it the different foods?

Is the different music?

What about the spiritual practices of others that may be different from how you grew up?

In some cultures, people fast for a certain timeframe. That has never been part of my life, and I often wonder if I would have the discipline required to do that.


One thing that I notice about children is that they embrace and accept people who they are. They don’t notice the colour of someone’s skin or the way they speak or what they eat with judgement; they look at the person for who they are, “Oh, that is my friend.” 


Of course, there are times when children start to ask questions. Hence, as adults, it’s important to listen to your children’s questions and to be open to having positive conversations about other cultures without judgment.


Our children learn from us and our behaviours.


Remember, life is full of unique opportunities and choices; it is important to embrace them whenever they are present.



Written by Jacqui Grant



(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy  

Disclaimer: All information is accurate at the time of publication




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