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Community - Local Expo

Connect and Grow Magazine November 2023 - Edition 3

Local Disability Expo - Langwarrin 

In October I attended the Disability Expo at Langwarrin organised by Julie Fisher and sponsored by Ray White Real Estate and Grace Professional Services.

The turn out was great with plenty of providers there on the day to speak with those who showed up.

Entertainment included the awesome team from Bam, see the photo here:

Julie’s hard work paid off with a great attendance and people being able to access so much information at the expo. There was also a space for those who may have felt a sense of overwhelm for the day.

Below is some of the providers that were there to answer questions people had and to connect with other business.

Expos are a great way to connect with the community and get to know others who may be able to assist you in living a life that you enjoy.

When you connect with others anything is possible. This is just a small sample of those who attend Julie's expo. Many people were looking to connect with service providers who work with people with an NDIS plan, and many people there to support the providers themselves.

Written by Jacqui Grant, Photography by Jacqui Grant

To learn about more events, visit Events Article - November 2023

(C) 2023 Connect and Grow Magazine November 2023 - Edition 3

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