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Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 5 January 2024

For your business to succeed, it’s essential to be seen!

Business marketing in the right places helps you grow!


When it comes to running and growing your business, marketing is an integral part of it.


Do you have a business plan? Have you completed the SWOT analysis?

Do you have a marketing plan and financial plan?


At the end of this article is a code and link to grab a business plan and SWOT analysis template you can use for your business.


Many people come to me for consultation and coaching for their business and do not have a business plan; they have no documents, policies and procedures in place; they have an ABN and insurance, and that is it.

A Marketing plan is an important part of your business planning.

What is your current marketing strategy? Where do you advertise your business, and what have you found that works?


The language that you use in your marketing is key to ATTRACTING the right person for your services!


When writing your marketing material, do you stop and think about the language your ideal client can relate to, or are you using overpowering or confronting language?


The words you use are essential. People often ask me, “How do I get clients?” I wouldn't say I like this language as it is not person-centred. When working with people, it is essential to attract them, person, to your services, and to do that, they have to understand who you are and feel that they can trust you and that you are reliable, especially in the disability sector.


If you want to work with children, speak to the parents. If you are working with clients who have been abused, you want to make them feel safe with you and that they can be who they are without being rejected; these are just two examples of how important your message and the words you choose are.

Proper marketing can make all the difference.

 Times Square, New York USA

December 2023


 In December, we had the opportunity for the business to be on a billboard in Times Square, New York.


It is one opportunity that does not come along every day, especially for small businesses.


As a result, we have had several calls with requests to work with us in a multitude of ways. More businesses are interested in advertising in the magazine, and more people are reading the magazine both online and purchasing the magazine.


When you have a business, it is essential to be seen and where you are seen. Many marketing businesses will invite you to work with them to be published in their magazine, be a guest on their podcast, and maybe even do a TV interview; however, if their audience isn’t your ideal client, you could be wasting your money.


Whilst no one has contacted me from New York, USA, which is a disability business working with NDIS clients, other aspects of my business do suit them, such as this magazine.


Business advertising is important and will help you grow your business when your message is clear, which is why the billboard has worked for me. It was clear and precise, and we had a photo of me, which puts a face to the business, which people can connect to.



Business Planning

Take the time to plan out your business. You should review your business plan regularly, especially during industry changes. If you do not have a business plan, we have one special for this month, just for those who see this article.


Part of your business plan is the analysis of you and your business and were relevant to your team; this analysis is called SWOT.

Take the time to think about the following:

·         Strengths of your business and you as the business owner


·         Weakness of your business and yourself: this is a good thing.


·         Opportunities for your business to be seen and what opportunities can you create.


·         Threats – this is your competition. Who are they, what do they do well, and what can you learn from them?

Your business success starts and ends with you. Knowing your ideal client and how you feel when working with those people.


When you identify the struggles of yourself and your business, you can also make changes and improvements.


After completing your SWOT Analysis, you can reassess your business plan. You can also set your clear business goals and action plan.


One of the mistakes people make in business is that things change, criteria, and the market, and while they make some changes, they do not redo the SWOT analysis or their business plan and then find it easy to lose track of what is working and what isn’t.


The more time you invest in completing these and your ideal client, the more it will save you and your business in the long run.



At Break Free Consultancy, we offer business coaching and consultations for those in the disability sector; you can learn more on our website: Break Free Consultancy.


Our Gift to YOU: Business Plan and SWOT analysis template 50% savings until February 16th 2024


Use coupon code to save: January Special CG

Written by Jacqui Grant

(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy

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