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Book Corner - Meet Nathan

Connect & Grow Magazine - Edition 8 - April 2024

Meet Nathan Bell

This month’s book results from Nathan’s dream to get his book into the world.


As you will read, Nathan shares with us his dream of writing his book and letting the world access it.


Nathan inspires many by demonstrating what is possible when you set your mind to achieving your dreams.

One of the biggest celebrations for anyone who has written a book is when people purchase it and enjoy the journey it takes you on. Many people who write a book are never sure how to get it in front of the right people, which is why we love to promote authors. Everyone deserves success.


Nathan and I met via Facebook, and he shared with me about his book; I asked him a few questions, and he shared his journey of writing his book and then getting out into the world.


Nathan's book is Kings of the New Age: The Quest of the Balancing Stones.

Nathan Bell  holding his book in a book store


We love to share about authors who have written their books, and it is an exciting journey for them; here are a few questions that I asked Nathan to answer:

Why did you write the book? What was your why/reason?


I have always aspired to write a post-apocalyptic fantasy book. My first attempt was in my twenties, but I didn’t get far. When I wrote the book, I wanted to present a relevant narrative about politics through fiction that was also entertaining. I want to inspire others to write their own books and get them out into the world.



Who, if anyone, helped you to publish the book?


I found out about Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing when researching self-publishing. Staff from the NDIS creative arts mentoring service Rely-Ability supported me in setting the book up on Amazon.



What is your favourite part of the book?


My favourite part of the book is when the people of Newcastle hold an election after overthrowing the gang who have taken over the city. This represents a return to the status quo of citizens running their community after the tyrannical gang is removed from power. The book is about the battle against oppression, so returning to democracy and citizen control is central to the story's narrative.



Nathan's Book

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

The book was written as part of Rely-Ability’s creative writing mentoring program. After I completed the drafts, Brook Forbes edited them. Rely-Ability's visual arts mentor, Taejin Lee, and I produced the cover art. I helped with the cover art, but Taejin did most of the work.

Where you can purchase Nathan's book:

Great news: it is available on Amazon:


Writing a book can be a dream for many people, and it is important to follow that dream if it is really important to you.


The next step in learning about publishing a book is doing some research. In our business listing section are Inspiration book writers who work with people who would like to write a book and also help with the publishing for those who would like that work done with them and for them.


Written by Jacqui Grant

(C) 2024 Break Free Consultancy Connect and Grow Magazine

Disclaimer: All information is correct at the time of publication and is general

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