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Book Corner - Lisa Twigg

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 4 - December 2023

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Holidays are a great time to read a book and relax.

Whether it is to learn something new or to escape from everyday life, with a fiction book

Meet Lisa Twigg

A Social worker who is passionate about empowering others to enjoy their life.

Lisa's book: 80 years without Dementia shares the story of her father and his life before being diagnosed with dementia and then how life was for her father and the entire family.

Lisa's goal is for people to see dementia in a different way, to redefine it in a way that is empowering both the person who has dementia and their family members.

In this book, Lisa shares how the media reports over the years that the diagnosis of dementia is rising, which means that more people will be likely to know at least one person who has that diagnosis. Add to this that there is so much fear and misunderstanding around this disease.

Lisa raises the question " What if it wasn't all bad?" What if there was a different way to understand dementia and what it is seen as an opportunity to define life as an inspiration?

As you read this book, you will notice Lisa's passion for seeing what is possible instead of limitations and how, with the right information and approach, dementia does not need to be something to fear but taken one day at a time.

Buy Paperback or eBook: 80 Years without Dementia

Our Feature article has also been written by Lisa this month on Dementia; you can read it here: Feature Article by Lisa Twigg

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