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Book Corner - Justin Lodge

Connect and Grow Magazine - November 2023 - Edition 3

A book is a great gift to yourself, a source of knowledge or a way to escape into a story.. every month we share about another author.

Meet Justin Lodge

Justin Lodge

Emotional Clearing Specialist

Author, Coach, Engineer, Parent

Justin shared with us about him and how his latest book has been birthed into this world..... his story and book will inspire you.

I almost died twice trying to sacrifice myself to save my wife, and I had no idea why I was doing it. But I didn’t want to see someone else doing the same. When I first began to write in 2017, I thought that if I could save one man from hurting himself or someone else then it would all be worthwhile. 

It was only when I decided to write a book in a week in 2020 that I realised that I was writing because of my love for my grandmother. My grandmother was a refugee in a foreign land, she overcame the famine and war that left her emotionally crippled. Despite her emotional wounds, she created a legacy of life force, money, and power for which I shall be forever grateful. 

And here I am with my fourth Amazon #1 bestselling book: “Making Darkness Visible."

Buy Paperback: Making Darkness Visible

Buy in eBook format: Making Darkness Visible

It is time to take full responsibility for our emotional wellbeing by making our darkness visible.

When we choose to become people who intentionally create our own lives, we get to experience deep fulfilment, find amazing love and human connection, and create the wealth of our dreams. Then we are truly honouring the privilege that cost the hearts and lives of our ancestors going back generations. 

My clients are female entrepreneurs and professionals that want to get their shit sorted out and create delicious adventures. They are travelling the world with infants, running multiple businesses, investing in property and having the delicious adventures that they have been craving for years. 

I have lived and worked in five countries, and I currently choose to live and work in the unique and amazing city of Singapore that is a vibrant hustling melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Tamil and rapidly-fading colonial cultures.


For more info, you can find Justin here:

I had the privilege to meet Justin this year 2023 during publish and launch of my book Embodied Queen... he is an inspirational person.

(C) 2023 Connect and Grow Magazine November 2023 - Edition 3

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