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Book Corner - Keri -Lynn

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 2 October 2023

Life is better with a book ....

A book is a great gift to yourself, a source of knowledge or a way to escape into a story.. every month we share about another author.

Meet Keri - Lynn

Keri is launching her fourth book this month - October Save YOUR Assets.

A little about Keri: she is an incredible mother of 2 boys who are her world. She also has a passion for encouraging others to be their best.

As a person who is also neurodivergent, she understands the challenges of being a mother, business owner and author, while still having time for herself.

Keri believes that everyone can manifest their dreams into reality to quote Keri:

“We bring in our dreams through our bodies. If you are totally disconnected from your body, manifestation can feel frustrating and irregular.

When you have the right information that forms the foundations of your decision-making with regard to your finances, you can trust yourself and where you invest your money. This is what Save Your Assets is all about.

Through her coaching business, podcasts, her book Save YOUR Assets, and her workshops Keri works with you to help you clear the blocks from manifesting your dreams and bring them into your reality.

Keri-Lynn also shared with me:

"I believe that everyone can manifest their dreams into reality. I also believe to create financial sovereignty, you need to understand the 4 Foundational Principles of Save your Assets so that you can make aligned decisions on your path to creating financial freedom."

If this sounds like something you are interested in... today is the day to invest in you and click on the link to access Keri-Lynn's book:

Written by Jacqui Grant

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 2 October 2023

(C) 2023 Break Free Consultancy


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