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Book Corner

Connect and Grow Magazine September 2023 - Edition 1

" Life is much better when you are reading a great book!"

We will share about different books that are available that may be of interest to others on a variety of topics.

Book Corner is where we share about one or two books and their authors. Books are a great way to learn, grow, and discover new and exciting ways to experience life.

This month in our book corner, we welcome Julie Fisher

Julie is an Amazon bestselling author of 3 incredible books. Each book shares about her son Darcy and her life, the different aspects of living with a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome so far.

Julie is co-host on RPPFM Voice of the Peninsula each week and has guests on the show sharing their experiences in the disability sector.

Julie and Darcy are both incredible and inspirational to all who meet them. They empower others to be true to who they are, to be patient and understanding and that everyone is different.

All three of Julie's books are available via her website: Julie Fisher

You can reach Julie on her social media, you can follow her and her journey as she continues to share Darcy's story.

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Coming up in October 2023 - Edition 2

Next month, we will feature another author and share about their book/s and where you can find them.

Reading is a great way to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

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