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Activate Exercise Physiology - Featured Article

Connect and Grow Magazine - Edition 2 October 2023

Meet Nathaniel, Jack and Rory from Activate Exercise Physiology

In March 2021, three young, passionate men decided to start their Exercise Physiology clinic. Nathaniel Christoforou, Jack Hoffman and Rory Scott, all qualified Exercise Physiologists, came together to create Activate Exercise Physiology.

Nathaniel took the time to speak with me to share his passion and vision for Activate Exercise Physiology and the role of the Exercise Physiologist in the NDIS sector.

Nathaniel chose to become an exercise physiologist after seeing first-hand the impact that not being physically active and not taking care of overall health and well-being can have on family from a young age. He was passionate about educating the people around him to change this and their health outcomes through exercise and wanted to apply this on a larger scale to support anyone in our community in need.

It started with a vision…

With Nathaniel's vision and unwavering commitment to empowerment and inclusivity, for those to understand and experience the benefits exercise can have on every aspect of a person's life, no matter who they are, Activate Exercise Physiology was born. When you meet Nathaniel, Jack, and Rory, it's clear that they are all about the person, teaching them the benefits of exercise. They are also very driven to create a clinic that welcomes people of all ages and needs, including those with a disability.

Community Focus and Driven

With their clinic located amongst other health providers, local cafes and businesses, they are also about building a community. Recently, Nathaniel and the team at Activate Exercise Physiology teamed up with a local cafe and started a community walking group; Nathaniel and his team led members of the Activate community on a walk around the local area, and the cafe supported the participants of the walking group with refreshments, a win-win for all involved, great conversation while exercising safely and then a coffee/tea/hot chocolate to finish off.

Empowerment, Authentic and Breaking down barriers

Activate Exercise Physiology is more than just a business; it is a family and way of life. Their approach is authentic and person-centered. From the minute you step foot into the clinic, you feel welcome, from the open layout with the gym equipment around the outer edge of the space, the welcome desk at the front door and the two private offices for those who require a quiet space for a consultation, to the music that is not distracting and the lighting not too bright, something for everyone. Appointments are scheduled to allow for both busier times and then some quiet times of the day for those who prefer fewer people to be around, reducing any barriers not to exercise.

The team at Activate are passionate about providing the newest, evidence-based therapy and education to their community. They ensure that they remain current with their education and use progressive and evidence-based programs for all who attend the clinic. This ensures they remain updated with any changes in providing exercise programs for the clients they see at the clinic and as part of their mobile services. With the introduction of speech therapists, the clinic is expanding its services to be holistic.

At the upcoming Connect and Grow Networking event on November 21, 2023, in Ascot Vale, Nathaniel and Jack will share precisely what Exercise Physiology is and how it differs from Physiotherapy. The benefits of exercise physiology and how it can benefit everyone, as the exercise program they receive is tailored to meet their individual needs and adapted as they are ready.

The mission statement of Activate Exercise Physiology is:

Advancing the quality of life of communities by building a world where physical and mental wellness is accessible, enjoyable and life-changing.

So if you live in Balwyn North, Victoria (or within 30 minutes of here, as Activate will also travel to you!) and are looking for an exercise physiologist to work with you to achieve your goals, whether post-surgery, strength building, managing chronic disease or your NDIS goals, Nathaniel, Jack and the team are there for you.

Contact: (03) 8849 9795

Written by Jacqui Grant

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