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Personal Success

Empowerment Sessions, Masterclass' Workshops and Certified Empowerment Practitioner training.


Whatever your goal maybe in life from Overcoming obstacles, Weight Management or Being Confident to be you and neurodivergent, we have your covered..

We also have our books available for additional supports.

Be empowered and feel empowered to achieve your goals is key for long term success.

Empowerment Sessions

We offer one to one sessions that help you to gain clarity on your goals and have an action plan to achieve them.

Each session comes with an action plan

You can choose from:

1 hour Empowerment Session

Price: $198.00




2 Hour Empowerment Sessions

Price $399.00

 Confident YOU Masterclass & Workshops

Empowerment Masterclass

We run these each month and they go for 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on the group

We go through some fun activities that help you identify your goals, as well as the blocks stopping your from success. 

You receive some tools you can use over and over again.

We have different topics for these Masterclass' and Workshops

* Confident YOU Weight Management

* Confidnet YOU - Overcoming obstacles

Dates are on our events page or you can call us for more information

Empowerment Workshops

6 hours once a month.

It is advanced level from the Masterclass'

To learn more you can give us a call

Certified Empowerment Practitioner Training

Becoming a Certified Empowerment Practitioner is a great way to help others.

The training is run over 2 weekends with 2 week break in between to practice what you learn before we get back together and for review and final assessment.

If you are already a Coach, Reiki Master, Allied Health Professional, or have other qualifications, this Certified Training is a great addition to your business.  

To Learn more book a FREE chat

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