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Neuro Affirming

We understand the different diagnoses, that come under what is called the neurodiverse umbrella, through personal and professional experience.

With over 50 years lived experience and over 36 years professional in health and disability, Jacqui believes in empowering those who are considered neurodiverse, even those who are undiagnosed and choose not to be diagnosis along with family. support network to be the best they can be.

Jacqui is about empowerment and celebrating and embracing who you are, to be true to yourself and know that you are incredible, that each of  us are unique and bring amazing gifts to this world

We currently have 2 books available both Amazon Best sellers and a third due for release soon.

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We have available:

* Neurodiversity education sessions for manages in the workplace, teachers in schools.

* Neurodiverse education sessions for support workers to understand neurodiversity and working with their clients

* Empowering Parents- Book ( coming soon) program with resources, eBook and private Facebook group for support

* Books as above.

Empowering Me- eBook, also program for those who are neurodiverse to build strategies that increase confidence and self esteem 

More details and prices coming soon 

To learn more call us on 1300 494 294 

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