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NDIS Registration

Break Free Consultancy is here to help guide and support you through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registration process.

We understand that it can be a challenging process and are here to ensure that you have all the documents, policies and procedures required to be NDIS registered. We also have the knowledge and experience to coach you as part of preparing for the audit, and ensure that you understand your business processes as part of the registration process and what else you require.

We provide you with step by step instructions and a discount for documents, policies and procedures if you require them.

We have over 36 years experience in the sector and also stay up to date with changes as they occur in the disability sector. We are ready to support you, your business as you support others.

The way we support you with the process is a combination of online information and one to one coaching sessions via Break Free Learning Centre


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NDIS Registration 

Not sure if you are ready or if Registration is right for you?

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