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NDIS Registration

The NDIS registration has a lot of moving parts to it.

Depending on the services that you are looking to provide it can be easy for you to do each step yourself or you may require assistance from someone like us, here at Break Free Consultancy.

One of the key factors to remember is Conflict of Interest and NDIS code of conduct.

Many providers choose to registered for almost every module there is and find themselves having a lot of challenges later on as they are often breaching Conflict of interest and in some cases the NDIS code of conduct.

We have a short course that takes you through understanding the NDIS process, what is required and then we are also available to support you along the way, we can also complete your internal audit with you, in preparation for your external audit.

An important part of the NDIS registration is having all your document, policies and procedures, we are able to assist you with those also.

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