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Disability Business Services

We offer an abundance of services for those working in the Disability Sector.

Everything we do is in alignment with Best Practice and we believe that with the right information and support everything is possible.

We have our Seminars and Wellness Program set up services for your business also. Perfect for developing a positive workplace environment.  Book a Free Call to learn more about these

We have available:

* Starter Kits

* Policies & Procedures complete set 

* Single templates 

* Video series ( coming soon)

*Strategy sessions and Coaching Programs to meet your business needs

We also have additional resources:

Build a Successful Disability Business book 



We also run webinars from time to time.

You can also access a FREE checklist as an initial place to start

Starter Kits, Policies and Procedures

Our Starter Kits come with over 35 templates ready for you to adapt and add your business details to.

We have the following starter Kits available:
* Support worker and nurse Starter Kits

Support Coordinator Starter Kits

* Company Starter Kits.

None of the starter kits include policies and procedures however they are available in a complete set ( 49 in total)

Starter Kit Price Starts at $199.00      Policies & Procedures Set Start at:$980.00

We also have complete bundles as Sole Traders or Companies - Forms, Policies & Procedures

To purchase your starter kit for your disability business visit the store:



Single Items

We understand that you may already have documents for your business, therefore have created some individual ones for you to add to what you have.

We have:

Individual service agreements - Support worker or Support coordinator

Report writing template

We are constantly adding to the collection so please if you do not see something let us know.

Price Starts at : $9.95



 1 hour Strategy Session

We spend 1 hour together to cover over a few things that you would like to develop in your business and at the end you receive a strategy plan to implement

Price: $198.00


 2 hour Strategy Session

We spend 2 hour together to cover over a few things that you would like to develop in your business and at the end you receive a strategy plan to implement

Price: $299.00


Coaching Program

We tailor the coaching program to suit you with Payment plan available.

Weekly, Fortnight and Monthly sessions.

All 1 hour with an outcome report at the end of it.

Price: To be discussed based on your business needs

Masterclass' and Workshops 

We offer to both Sole Traders and Companies in the disability sector the following Masterclass' & Workshops:
* Understand & Implementing Best Practice in Disability Sector
* Understanding Neurodiversity 
* Empowering your clients in their health, fitness, weight management & wellbeing
For Companies we can come to you.
Masterclass' are run online and dates will be set soon for 2023.
You can contact to register your interest at:



1300 494 294



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